The Value of Inclusion in Therapy

At Transcendence Behavioral Health, we pride ourselves on our philosophy of inclusion that informs how we work with our clients. But what does that mean? What is “inclusion” in the context of therapy?

The answer is, at once, both simple and profound.

Inclusion is the principle of valuing each individual and accepting them as a person, regardless of all the differences that we can point out between human beings. Regardless of our differences, we are fundamentally equal and “made of the same cloth” – and validating our common humanity is something that's powerful both in therapy and beyond. Sadly, it’s something that too often doesn’t happen out in the world, and that compounds problems with our human nature and how we view ourselves and others. The good news is that therapy can help you unlearn aspects of this that are negative and potentially damaging.

We Accept You for Who You Are

We work with many clients in the LGBTQ community but we also work with clients who are in other cultures people might describe as ‘traditional’ or ‘majority’ communities. Through it all, we make it a point to show our visitors that we value their essential personhood, regardless of orientation, allegiances, or various types of groupings that sometimes divide us on a surface level, leading to entirely too much distrust, fear, and conflict. We try to bridge those essential gaps, both to help our clients to overcome negative impacts, and to build back that connective social culture that will help to heal our world.

We Meet You Where You Are

Everyone is on a different place in their life journey.

Some are hurting, some are struggling. Some are angry, and some are overwhelmed. Some are mostly doing okay, but just need a little help.

Many of us are wrestling with trauma that we've encountered in the past. Trauma takes many forms and challenges us in many different ways. It often becomes part of our identities and personalities, for better or worse. Embracing where we are and choosing a direction is essential for moving forward.

Embracing the Principle of Compassion

To say it another way, we strive to really exemplify compassion in our office.

Too many therapy and mental health offices function in the same corporate way that so many other medical provider offices do. There's a rote focus on insurance and clinical language and scheduling, and not enough of a focus on basic compassion for the human individual. When people are seeking therapy and related services, they are often in a vulnerable place, and that's the time to take a different tack in how you set up and administrate your office. Come in and get compassionate service with a listening ear and the healing that will help you to overcome your challenges. 

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