A World of Chaos, And A World of Calm

At Transcendence Behavioral Health, our purpose is to offer a welcoming environment for those who are seeking therapy for the first time, or others who feel underserved or disappointed with their current therapy regimen … or really, anyone else!

We do that by stepping into our visitors’ shoes and understanding how today's world may have an impact on their finances, their lifestyles, and their mentalities. We know that so many of us are struggling in today’s world, and from time to time, need a little help! That’s normal – and we strive to find the best ways to help.

Justice and Equality

We understand that many of our patients have broader questions about their place in their world. They may be dismayed or disappointed, or even really traumatized, by some of the realities that they face in toxic environments, whether that’s at work, at home, or out in the world.

We've also seen some of this turmoil and trauma ramp up as people's basic values seem threatened by the chaos that comes from certain kinds of injustice. We're sensitive to that, and to our visitors’ fears and apprehensions and overall concerns. We want to empower the individual to feel confident, and able to face the world each day!

Getting What You Need

We also know that what works for one person may not work for another. Too many of those who have been brave enough to seek mental health services feel like they have not come as far as they would like. That may have to do with a mismatch of methodology, or the match with a therapist, or other factors.

There is always the option to start fresh, and we promote that at Transcendence Behavioral Health. We delight in taking someone who needs change and offering them a new way to approach this key work that is so important in the context of a person’s overall future.


We also know what all good therapy offices know – that methodology is also sophisticated and diverse. That's why we approach things from a customized angle, whether it's multimodal therapy, the use of supplements or pharmaceuticals, or anything else.

We know that setting things in stone is not a great practice within our industry. We have to always keep the human being and the individual visitor at the center of our focus, in order to make sure that we offer the best services possible. Call us with any questions about how to get started on a new path. 

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