The Quality of Your Relationship with Your Therapist Determines the Best Outcomes in Therapy

Did you realize over 44 million Americans deal with mental health conditions annually? If you are one of these people suffering, finding the right psychologist is an important part of your recovery. Some people are apprehensive when it comes to sitting down and telling their problems to a stranger. However, studies have found that the key to a successful mental health treatment outcome is finding a therapist you feel comfortable with and the development of a good relationship with them. Read below to find out more about the importance of developing a relationship with your therapist. Feeling Like Your Therapist Really Cares Triggers Breakthroughs

Often times, people who struggle with depression or anxiety feel very alone, which intensifies the existing problem. The most important thing you should focus on when choosing a therapist is finding someone you feel comfortable talking with and someone that you feel genuinely cares about your suffering. Finding the right fit in a therapeutic relationship will allow you to talk about and process deep-seated problems and get help resolving these issues.

Developing this relationship may take time and effort, but it will be worth it in the long run. The Qualities of a Good Therapeutic Relationship

Now that you understand a bit more about the advantages of having a good relationship with your psychologist, you need to learn more about the qualities you may notice when this relationship is developing. Knowing the qualities of a good therapeutic relationship can help you determine whether you have the right psychologist in place. A Shared Connection
One of the main things you will notice when a good therapeutic relationship is forming is the feeling of being understood or validated. It is critical to work with a therapist who you feel has your best interest at heart. A good therapist will also have empathy for what you are going through. Empathy shown by your therapist will make it much easier for you to open up and be vulnerable to aid in your recovery process. The presence of all of these components will allow trust to grow and provide a powerful healing environment. When going in to meet with a psychologist for the first time, you will be asked about your purpose for coming in for counseling. A good therapist follows your lead in working on the goals important to you. The therapist should not be an authority figure that imposes their goals onto you. Only you know what is most important to you in your life. Recovery from Mental Health Challenges Takes Time If you are new to the world of therapy, you may fail to realize that healing doesn’t happen in one session. The events that have caused a disruption in your life may be complex and traumatic and take some time to be processed and resolved. There is no standard for the length of time successful therapy takes. Finding a therapist with experience and a proven track record may be helpful in making the most efficient use of your time in treatment. The team at Transcendence Behavioral Health is passionate about providing our clients with the help they need to overcome their mental health struggles. Contact us now to find out more about the services we offer.

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