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Help In A Time Of Covid

During the pandemic, nearly everything got harder. People didn't stop needing mental health services or therapy. In fact, many of them started to need it more.

But offices and stores closed, then reopened with significant restrictions. Sometimes it seems like we changed nearly everything about how we do business and live.

At Transcendence Behavioral Health, we understand the need for effective therapy regardless of a pandemic.

Many of our visits are now telehealth, where patients call in or video chat with doctors. But that doesn't mean that our people aren't accessible to their patients. You still get the same team care in a nonjudgmental setting, with attentive professionals who can help you work through whatever you're struggling with. In short, we’re still here for you!

Help In Every Stage of Life

People in any stage of life can benefit from counseling and therapy. Individuals often encounter problems along their journeys through life, whether it's behavioral problems and pressures facing children, help with the transition for young adults, or the midlife crisis type problems of middle age. Seniors are not immune to these problems, either, with a lot of loneliness and negative feelings sometimes being associated with aging. We see it all, and we do our best to help every patient to get on a track toward better confidence, self-esteem, and comfort no matter where they are in their lives.

Help with Common Problems

Simply put, many of us are dealing some form of anxiety or depression. Behavioral health needs are arguably more common than they were in years past. There are a lot of pressures in modern life, we know, and it’s easy to start to feel as if you have lost your way.

That's why we strive to stay accessible for our patients, and we maintain the ability for people to come into the office if they need to. At the same time, we provide affective telehealth to broaden our work and make our services more accessible to the vast number of people who are not ready to simply throw pandemic caution to the winds.

This pandemic has meant working together in so many ways. We are committed to helping our patients through this transitional time, with the same care and professional attention that we've always put into every hour of every practice day. Get qualified help from professional therapists who are ready to work through whatever you are facing with you.

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