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Diversity In Therapy – Three Framing Elements

Updated: Nov 23

What does it mean to have diversity in therapy? Well, it can mean several things. The first has to do with equity and fairness and the ability of people to all be together. Other types of diversity have to do with serving an individual in a customized way. All of them are important in the context of figuring out how to work with patients who need help.

Diversity of Patients

Here at Transcendence Behavioral Health we see all sorts of patients. We have LGBTQ patients and we have patients of all types of orientation and nationality, culture and ethnicity.

What we aim to practice overall is compassion and empathy as a broad umbrella over each of our patients and our relationships with them. This type of unifying social construct is uniquely beneficial in a therapy environment and beyond, in our regular lives as well.

Diversity of Challenges

Here's another kind of diversity that we see at Transcendence Behavioral Health. Our patients come in with a great diversity of issues that they want to address.

We handle depression and anxiety, and issues like personality disorders that might manifest in many different ways, creating their own life challenges, and putting pressure on relationships, or even jeopardizing someone’s safety.

We also help people through difficult life events. Some of our patients are working through a divorce, which has its own challenges. Some are working through grief, which is another type of challenge that has to be addressed in a customized way.

Others of our clients are dealing with addiction. Addiction is a specific construct that responds to certain therapeutic techniques and approaches. Understanding the nature of addiction is part of a therapist’s job, and in general, understanding behavioral science helps to promote an effective practice.

So from the beginning, we consult with each patient in a personalized way to build a care plan that works for them.

Some of this is also worth thinking about as we delve into a person’s care plan, looking at modalities and approaches. It’s all about finding the keys to better confidence, positivity and the means to conquer problems that threaten to overwhelm someone as they struggle with any type of issue. Therapy seeks to be that solution and the way forward.

Diversity of Treatment

We have also invested in offering diverse treatment modalities. We have traditional therapy, as well as innovations like ketamine assisted therapy. Our staff can explain these in detail in individual consultation to apply them to whatever a patient needs. Get in touch to move forward today.

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